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  1. Organic Search Noticeably Absent From Google Analytics 2013 Summit

    Google's Cloud Team created BigQuery, which enables scalable storage. Google Analytics is being used by organizations around the world to drive creativity, innovation, and smarter business decisions. Google says it wants to help businesses put...

  2. How to Build an Analytics Package to Measure Off-Site Content Distribution

    Marketers and advertisers have been spoiled in the cloud-based world we now call home. Create a Google Spreadsheet and add the content you want to monitor You can actually create a pretty basic version of a tracking software using Google Spreadsheets.

  3. AdWords for Video Makes Reporting More Consistent, Goal-Oriented & Prettier

    So, AdWords for video hasn’t started playing the conservative style of football that was once described as “three yards and a cloud of dust. Google AdWords for video can help experienced marketing and advertising professionals to go global or go...

  4. Google Music Store With Google+ Sharing 1 to 2 Weeks Away

    Similar music services are now being launched by Apple ("iCloud") and Amazon ("Cloud Drive"). Additionally, Facebook's ventures into music with Spotify have shown high levels of interest in socially-driven music; with three million Facebook users...

  5. Google Commerce Search 3.0 Brings Big Brains to Smaller Shops

    The entire engine is hosted "in the cloud" which should significantly reduce maintenance costs. All the case studies listed above and also the Woodcraft Supply case study focussed heavily on the operational savings made form using a cloud based...

  6. Search Week in Review for Feb. 19, 2011

    Starting from scratch the entire codebase has been re-built in .Net and Python and, where appropriate, is using Amazon's EC2 cloud. Now Google has finally confirmed it. Google AdWords Opens Automated Rules For Ads To All Users by Frank Watson