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  1. Google Courting Agencies for Advertising Beyond Search

    Microsoft Continues Pursuit of Google with Navic Acquisition They feel Google is just using the ad agencies to get to their clients, with an ulterior motive of stealing them away. Traditional advertising agencies have long been wary of Google.

  2. Microsoft's Navic Networks Partners with Mediabrands

    We are seeking new technologies to deliver unparalleled accountability to clients, and aligning with Navic was a natural fit,” said Nick Brien, CEO of Mediabrands. Microsoft's recently acquired Navic Networks has announced a new partnership with...

  3. Local Advertisers Shifting Dollars to Internet

    Microsoft recently acquired Navic Networks, a TV ad company that will likely help Microsoft clients integrate online and offline campaigns. This year, local advertisers are expected to shift $13.1 billion of their budgeted funds to the Internet...