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Clients Hiring Sem Firms

  1. Hiring SEM Firms, Dealing With Clients & The Need For Communication

    There's been a variety of articles over the past few weeks on hiring SEM firms -- as well how SEM firms can deal with clients and why everyone need to talk to each other better. How To Be A Crappy SEO Client has lots of advice on what clients may...

  2. Tough Love For Those Hiring SEM Firms

    Hiring an SEM firm? Do SEM work for other companies? Shari Thurow's How Not to Work With an SEO/SEM Firm article from ClickZ will have you nodding your head often in agreement, at what clients will demand, expect and refuse to do.

  3. How Much is a Search Marketing Firm Worth?

    It is not just about hiring creative or smart people. Once an SEM firms has strong business model, a steady cash flow, long-term contracts with clients, proprietary technical tools, and a large staff of experts, the SEM firm can look to sell.

  4. Growing a Successful Search Marketing Business

    Lifting up one truth "Employees quit managers, not companies," Marckini described his company's rigorous hiring process that includes seven interviews, based on "striver" characteristics iProspect has identified as indications of a successful...