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  1. SEM Vendor Checklist

    In light of demand, good search marketing firms are rare, and finding a vendor perfectly suited to your needs requires legwork, research, and persistence. I suggest you research the questions raised yourself, or even hire a consultant to help you...

  2. Win the Right Search Marketing Clients

    Now that you're back from the long, relaxing four-week holiday in the Caribbean that all new search marketing firms take before New Year's . Many new search marketing firms target start-ups and small businesses as their market segment of choice.

  3. Is Zunch Communications' Bankruptcy a Sign of Things to Come?

    Both Vizion Interactive and Dexterity Media are doing well in the same Dallas-Fort Worth market that Zunch is based in, as are many other SEM firms. According to Tony Wright, VP of client services at Dexterity Media and one of the six, "We left...

  4. Pricing Models for the Small SEM Shop

    This can make small firms more dependent on strong client relationships. Asking about prior SEM engagements/commitments (a company with more than three prior SEM firms might be considered a red flag & require further investigation).