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  1. What is SEM? Depends on Who You Ask recognizes SEM as a combination of paid advertising, search engine optimized design, marketing copy, involvement with the online community, and keywords. Wikipedia definition of SEM a comprehensive approach to increasing visibility of...

  2. 10 Google Analytics Advanced Segments That Reveal Search & Social ROI

    This advanced segment helps illustrate social media's ability to acquire new visitors through content marketing, events and other community-related efforts by driving traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media websites.

  3. The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search

    Recent Google updates have amplified visibility of hashtags in organic search results on as well as Google+ as demonstrated by the results of a Google search query for #milliondollarwebsites used to promote my book and Google+ Community.

  4. Gamification in Marketing: Lessons from the Khan Academy Website

    When they achieve milestones, they are invited and encouraged to share their success with their Facebook community. Instead of blowing up aliens or driving cars through urban war zones, players race against time to solve problems correctly.

  5. Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Marketing Efforts Using Analytics

    Increasing your subscriber base will allow you to foster real engagement around your brand as you build your community. Monitor the click-through-rates (CTRs) to see how often viewers are clicking on them, the higher the CTRs the better.

  6. Securing the Future of SEO: Global Brands & 5 '(Not Provided)' Solutions

    When Google made it apparent that 100 percent of its keyword data will be "(not provided)" (to the SEO community), many reacted with anger, angst, and frustration. Not everyone is in this game yet and you may be able to reap the potential increased...

  7. Bing Boards: New Search Experiment Highlights 'Inspiring Content'

    This is the first of several upcoming social and community experiments," Fang stated. When you click the Bing Boards area, a modal window pops up atop of the results page. It could be the silver bullet on Bing for content marketing links.

  8. 13 Twitter PR Secrets to Report News, Gain Publicity, & Build Relationships

    Twitter is making and breaking news at a pace of 400 million tweets a day with a community of 500 million users 200 million active monthly users with 60 percent accessing tweets via a mobile device. Tweeting later in the day gets a higher click...