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Clean Power Finance

  1. The slow growth of the carbon offsets market

    We are talking about projects that need huge investments upfront, so it’s difficult to finalise upstream project finance. The Kerry-Lieberman bill, known as the American Power Act, is currently under consideration in the US Senate, will allow the...

  2. Green finance for TFS

    TFS Energy has launched TFS Green Finance, which aims to provide clients with merchant banking and brokerage solutions for the environmental markets. TFS says the division will also advise renewable energy and carbon credit generating project...

  3. The Search Engine Update, July 17, 2001, Number 105

    Lookle bows to Google might The Australian, July 16, 2001,4057,2350820%5E541,00.html Power Up With New Metasearch Tools Web Search Guide, July 9, 2001