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  1. Google: Top Search Ads Increase Brand Awareness by 6.6% [Study]

    However, Google and Ipsos MediaCT partnered to study the impact of search ads on brand awareness. Google and Ipsos MediaCT ran over 60 search experiments in 2013 in hopes of understanding how search ads affect brand awareness.

  2. Google: 88% of Mobile Search Ad Clicks are Incremental to Organic Clicks

    Wondering about running mobile ads in AdWords? In other words, the paid clicks aren't replaced by organic clicks when search ads are paused. This research is similar to a 2011 study which found that incremental ad clicks, across all devices, make...

  3. Magnetic Enables Advertisers to Retarget Search Data to Target Audiences Higher Up The Purchase Funnel

    Despite the fact that paid search ads are plainer, resembling classified ads, conversion is much higher. Hunger from advertisers to generate reach from display ads with budgets to match. The thinking goes that since search is one of the highest...

  4. How Much Will Google Bank On U.S. Real Estate Market Recovery?

    These ads deviate from the classical 'classified' style and take on a have a form based format. On the other hand, Google comparison ads seem to be by far in a better position than most (namely the top of search results!

  5. Living Stories is Google's Way of Telling Murdoch to 'Buzz Off'

    How do they replace lost sources of revenue such as classified ads? Image by Getty Images via Daylife Google News now features a new feature: The Living Stories project. Launched while I was at SES Chicago earlier this week, it is an experiment in...

  6. Even Google Can't Save Print Media

    Started in 2006, Google added the ability to place classified ads in over 50 newspapers throughout the United States and had reached over 800. Google announced it is discontinuing its print advertising program February 28 and stop running ads March...