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  1. B2B Content Strategy: How to Ensure Your Content Stars Align

    Clarifying navigation” or “improving search” are also content-based concerns. There’s a myth that failed content can be blamed on brands only conveying what they want, and conversely, that successful content is accomplished solely by intuiting what...

  2. Getting to Where Search is Going to Be, Not Where It Has Been

    This is accomplished with microformats clarifying your content in the code to the search engines and providing more background coding, such as longitude and latitude. When it comes to search engine marketing, I always think about this hockey saying...

  3. Microsoft Updates Ad Policies on Relevance & Quality

    Other changes primarily focused on clarifying the language so it was obvious that phishing attempts, the collection of personal identification information, intentionally confusing users to get a sale or lead, and preventing users from leaving the...

  4. SearchDay | Bribing People To Send You Emails

    Obama Aide: Broadband Portion of Stimulus Package for Timely Needs, Not Overall Goals Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 15, 2009 An aide of President-elect Barack Obama is clarifying what can be expected from the broadband portion of the stimulus...

  5. An Update on Last Week's AdWords Updates

    Google is now clarifying that update. Last week, we reported that AdWords was making updates to Quality Score and Ad Rank. The update included how ad position affected click-through rates and factored into Quality Score.

  6. Making the Most of Search Engine Copywriting

    By clarifying the text, adding in keywords to entice the eye, and using a call to action, we've turned an unappealing ad, with what I assume is a poor CTR, into something that delivers information the searcher needs, based on the query they've made.

  7. 2007: A Search Odyssey? Keynote Conversation with Matt Cutts

    In this regard, the debunking and clarifying role of Cutts (and increasingly other Google bloggers) has been invaluable to those seeking straight answers. "In this ecosystem," wrote one analyst recently, "Matt Cutts is a brand new oxymoron: the...