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  1. Google Boldly Rejects UK Privacy Laws in Safari Snooping Case

    Claimants in the UK are concerned that the Information Commissioner's Office will not take such a stern line, according to reports. It added that Google has "dismissed" the Safari claims as not being serious, and the claimants confirm that it has.

  2. The Google Content Ad Fraud Lawsuit: Just the Facts, Ma'am

    That may weaken the claimants contention that he believed leaving the Max CPC field blank would result in opting out of the content network entirely. Regular readers of my Content Advertising column know that ad delivery to the content network can...

  3. Yahoo! Distributing Overture Settlemtent Funds

    Claimants in each of the two sub-classes--budgeting and non-budgeting. I received 5 emails from Yahoo today. Upon opening them I found out I was over $11,000 richer. The largess came from claims I had made last year as part of the class action suit...

  4. Lawsuit Over Paid Placements To Define Search Engines

    Law firms might want to run ads linked to "body solutions" in order to find claimants. A new chapter in search engine law was opened last week, when Mark Nutritionals filed lawsuits seeking $440 million in damages for alleged trademark infringement...