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City Wi Fi

  1. Google Offers Free & Discounted Wi-Fi at U.S. Malls, Airports

    This June, Google partnered with Boingo Wireless to offer free Wi-Fi in six subway stations and more than 200 other locations in New York City. Google and Boingo Wireless are teaming up to offer free Wi-Fi at eight U.S.malls and discounted access...

  2. The Future of Online Ads: Location, Location, Location

    Specifically, the GPS and Wi-Fi positioning in the iPhone have enabled lots of locally relevant content delivery -- both pull and push -- and have inspired the same capability online. Wi-Fi positioning especially has been recognized, given Wi-Fi...

  3. Yahoo! Names Hastings, Nebraska Greenest City

    Its award-winning commute alternatives program offers incentives such as Wi-Fi enabled biodiesel shuttles and generous public transit subsidies. s 'Be a Better Planet' program and to be crowned as the greenest city in America," said Mayor Rossen.

  4. Daily SearchCast, July 6, 2006: $800 Million In Click Fraud Or Not?; Does Google Need An Ombudsman?; Google Jockeying In The Classroom & More! (Corrected MP3 File)

    August of this year 10 of New York's "most prominent parks" will have Wi-Fi access. Wi-Fi New York City parks, which was announced three years ago. Tune-in by listening to this MP3 file, listening via WebmasterRadio at 11:30am Eastern and...