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  1. SearchDay | I'm a PC, What Are You?

    Google Maps Adds Comprehensive NYC Transit Directions Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 24, 2008 Riding the subway, hopping the ferry, and catching the train just got easier in the New York City metropolitan area.

  2. Google Maps Adds Comprehensive NYC Transit Directions

    New Jersey Transit Google Maps has added comprehensive transit directions for the region, which includes data from: Metropolitan Transit Agency (MTA) Writing on the Official Google blog, Chris Harrelson, Tech Lead & Creator of Google Transit said...

  3. Yahoo! Names Hastings, Nebraska Greenest City

    Its award-winning commute alternatives program offers incentives such as Wi-Fi enabled biodiesel shuttles and generous public transit subsidies. The winning city was offered the choice of either a fleet of hybrid taxi cabs, similar to those donated...