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  1. Google Places: How Eye Tracking Heats Up Conversions and Clicks

    They were asked to make an imaginary road trip with stops in Hamilton, London, Winnipeg, and Edmonton and to choose a place for a friend to get a tattoo in each of these cities based on the available information in the Google Places search results.

  2. Google Maps API Allows Street View in Grand Theft Auto's Liberty City

    The Google Street View feature, which allows users to navigate sweeping panoramic views of real world cities, has been implemented in full for GTA's Liberty City. That's certainly been demonstrated with the Google Maps API, where the Grand Theft...

  3. Schmidt's Solution to Street View Privacy Concerns? 'Just Move'

    In Germany, 244,237 out of 8,458,084 households (or 2.89 percent) want images of their homes to be blurred when Street View map imagery launches in the country's 20 biggest cities. During the past seven days, five countries have complained about...