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Circuit City

  1. Robert Noyce, Microchip Co-Creator, Celebrated by Google Doodle

    In addition to co-creating the microchip, also known as an integrated circuit, along with Jack Kilby, Noyce is a key figure in the history of the Silicon Valley region – those who know of him compare him to the likes of Thomas Edison and Henry...

  2. Universal Search Should Be a Plus

    I would argue that the user's search would be best serviced by a single Web page (most likely a deep page on Circuit City's Web site) that compares the latest models of flat screen televisions. What if someone searches for "flat screen tvs at...

  3. Microsoft Launches Live Search Cashback and Live Search Farecast

    Key partners participating in the Live Search cashback offering include Abe's of Maine, B&H,, Barnes &, Circuit City,, Crutchfield, eBags, eBay, Foot Locker,, The Home Depot, HP, Jockey, J&R...

  4. Icahn Trumps Yahoo Board: "You're Fired!"

    He has also led a campaign by video-store chain Blockbuster to purchase electronics retailer Circuit City Stores. If that deal doesn't go through, Icahn has stated he'll buy Circuit City. Yahoo may need to fight off Carl Icahn Syndrome by Proxy today.

  5. Think Universal, Act Local

    Meanwhile, 50 percent of Circuit City's online purchasers (accounting for $500 million in sales last year) reserved and picked up their stuff in stores, while Wal-Mart saw about 30 percent of its online purchases picked up.