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  1. Animated “Little Nemo in Slumberland” Google Doodle for Comic Strip Anniversary

    His career really began in Cincinnati, where he worked for the Enquirer. Today’s Google Doodle is an animated comic short in which Little Nemo tumbles through one of his dream sequences. Each click of the tab at the bottom of the panel reveals...

  2. 2 Hidden Adwords Campaign Settings That Can Trip You Up

    I was able to stop this by targeting my U.S.minus-Cincinnati campaign to “people in my targeted location” only, and by setting exclusions to “people in my excluded location” only. I recently set up two campaigns for a local advertiser: one targeted...

  3. Privacy Groups, Goverment Officials Comment on Privacy and Web Search

    On the other side, the Cincinnati-based National Coalition for Protection of Children and Families, a Christian fundamentalist group, said search companies should be willing to help the government defend children from pornography.