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  1. Visual Storytelling: The Key Weapon to Content Marketing

    Chrysler has recently released some ads that tie directly into this idea: Many of us have years of experience chasing technology for marketing purposes. Thanks to social networks, we’ve naturally been driven to a host of metrics that include...

  2. 75% of Most Shared Super Bowl 2012 Video Ads Launched Before Super Sunday

    For example, Chrysler surprised everyone last year with a beautifully crafted Super Bowl ad starring Clint Eastwood. Unruly Media has released a Super Bowl playbook and an infographic that marketers will want to read and look at even if they haven...

  3. Google Hit With Patent Lawsuit Over Chrome for Mobile Technology

    Google isn't the only company on EMG's radar, as it has also sued Apple, Chrysler, and Radio Shack for infringing the same patent. Google is being sued by California-based EMG over technologies used in its Chrome mobile web browser.

  4. Google Driverless Cars ‘Shockingly’ Safe & Efficient [Infographic]

    The recent GM/Chrysler bailout may have been for naught. Driver error, intoxication, and other human factors contribute to about 93 percent of all car crashes. Still, the day we’ll have robotic cars drive us to work or school, or maybe home from a...

  5. Mobile Growing Faster Than Predicted, says Google's Schmidt

    Mobile searches related to Chrysler, a Super Bowl advertiser, were 102 times higher after the ad was televised; desktop searches for Chrysler increased only 48 times more than usual. Google's strategic 2011 initiatives are "all about mobile," wrote...

  6. 2011 Super Bowl Predictions: 'Volkswagen Commercial: The Force' Beats 'Audi - Goodnight Commercial'

    Now, there are other automotive players in this year's Super Bowl, including: BMW, Bridgestone, CarMax,, Chevrolet, Chrysler Group, Hyundai, Kia, and Mercedes-Benz. Tomorrow, many people will be watching Super Bowl XLV to see if the...

  7. Could the Web be the Answer to Economic Plight?

    The "Big Three" automakers (Ford, GM, and Chrysler) that are floundering right now helped a great deal with massive job creation. There has been a lot of talk, and a lot more evidence, about how bad the economic situation is right now in the U.S.