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  1. How to Avoid Mobile Ranking Pitfalls by Assessing Mobile Engagement

    For example, the Chrome browser has a very comprehensive set of device emulators (Google search chrome device emulator) and has some great mobile emulator options. Action: One way to garner specific insight in how to improve page...

  2. How to Implement Adjusted Bounce Rate (ABR) via Google Tag Manager [Tutorial]

    Note: you can also use the Google Analytics Debugger Chrome extension to view the events being fired in real time. That's the event that will be sent to Google Analytics informing GA that a user remained on the page for more than 30 seconds.

  3. Website Launch Checklist: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live

    Download Google Chrome Navigate to your page in Chrome You can read more about it at Google. Make sure Google Analytics or the analytics package you’re using, and Google and Bing Webmaster Tools are set up and ready to go.

  4. Taobao SEO: A Guide to One of the World's Largest Consumer Marketplaces

    Chinese, on the other hand, would search for “chrome rims” to research the companies that provide them, how long they’ve been around, what materials are made in manufacturing, understanding the exact specifications, read blogs, and other forums...

  5. Google, Microsoft Pitch HTTP Overhaul Options for Speedier Web

    Google has the lead with Google Chrome and Amazon Silk browsers, with Firefox set to join in two weeks. The Paris meeting on overhauling HTTP included presentations about four specific proposals for HTTP 2.0, including SPDY by Google (that's being...

  6. Google April Fools' Day Pranks 2012: 8-Bit Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode & More!

    Google’s practical jokes began a day early in 2012, with 8-Bit Google Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode making their debut, then continued early this morning with the YouTube Collection, Google Racing, Click-to-Teleport search ads, and much more.

  7. Google Unveils Dart to Compete with JavaScript in All Browsers

    Look for Dart natively in a future release of the Chrome browser. Google, which is all about site speed lately, clearly knows this. Designed for quick prototyping and compatibility across multiple browsers and platforms, Google introduced Dart at...

  8. Search News & Headlines Around the Web - May 4, 2011

    Google Launches A Wave Of TV Ads Promoting Chrome - paidContent Measure Page Load Time with Site Speed Analytics Report - Google Analytics Official Google Blog Announcing the Google Earth Outreach Developer Grants Program -