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Christmas Santa

  1. Christening a New Marketing Holiday for B2B PPC: Golden Opportunity Month

    If ecommerce advertisers can lace their ads with references to Christmas and Santa Claus, then you can absolutely reference the New Year and everything that brings to the B2B table. The holiday shopping season is the event of the year and about the...

  2. Google & NORAD/Microsoft Go Head-to-Head with Competing Santa Trackers

    For the second year in a row, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is using Bing Maps for their annual Santa tracker. Google is running their own Santa Tracker, which has officially launched for this holiday season.

  3. The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search

    For example, hashtags have been used to announce the birth of Prince William and Kate's baby and annual posts by NORAD Ops Center using hashtags #Norad and #Santa tweets to provide updates on Santa's journey around the world Christmas Eve.

  4. AdWords Christmas List: 6 New Features Google Should Add in 2013

    So Santa Google, here's my list – please check it twice – this year I've been mostly nice. What’s on your Christmas list this year? For me, what I really want to unwrap are a few gifts from Google. My 2013 wish list includes a few new AdWords...

  5. Google, Bing Launch TV Commercials For Holidays

    Bing’s animated shorts were produced by Bent Image Labs and will appear during “South Park Christmas,” “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” and other holiday specials this season. Where Google more typically aims to tell a story through longer...

  6. Santa Claus Passes Everest, Reindeer Show No Sign of Tiring According to NORAD Santa Tracker

    Santa is almost halfway round the world and just passed one of the coolest parts of his journey, according to NORAD Tracks Santa, a high tech aerospace project created 55 years ago. Santa was spotted on Google Maps and many videos have been...

  7. Will Google run a Super Bowl commercial in the third quarter?

    Searching for Santa at SES Chicago 2009 You'll want to judge for yourself by watching what Naylor and other marketers were hoping Google would give them for Christmas. The buzz started yesterday when John Battelle, the author of The Search, posted...

  8. What Makes a Successful Online Promotion?

    As I sat down with my new "tropical green tea" Santa left me and headed over to the home page of Search Engine Watch, I thought maybe we were both out of a job. It's a kind of little Christmas present.