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Christmas Card

  1. What Makes a Successful Online Promotion?

    It's a kind of little Christmas present. Everyone that submits a response to me on these ideas by Thursday, January 8 will be put in random drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card purchased by yours truly, "Sage - The Promotion and Link Building Guy.

  2. Great Last Minute Christmas Idea

    R/GA, an interactive agency developed it - the best online Christmas card possible. Okay had to share this. Was brought to my attention by two great people in our space Nicola And Cheryl. This should be sent to all your friends.

  3. G1 Officially Available Today, Should You Buy One?

    This isn't something you're going to give your mom for Christmas, but if you're an adventuresome gadget guy with some money to spend ($179) on a totally new, pretty exciting venture, then why not? Plus, you'll have to purchase a memory card to...

  4. Say "Bah Humbug" to Holiday Marketing Stress

    They own a small bed and breakfast in California, and they start getting quite busy before Thanksgiving and throughout Christmas. I put together a timeline for ensuring your holiday specials are well thought out, marketed, ranking, and profitable...