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  1. Getting Ready for Global Business: The Benefits of the Foreign Language Internet

    For those who aren’t able to make it to SES SF 2011, I thought I’d post a brief summary of the main points from my presentation. As this column goes live, I’ll be in (hopefully) sunny San Francisco delivering a presentation as part of the Getting...

  2. Pope Praises Social Networking, Gives Guide To Christian Use

    The address reflects a good understanding of the web and social media, and impressive skill at bringing Christian thought into a digital perspective. In an age when you can go to church online, and no doubt teenagers tweet during Mass, Pope...

  3. SES New York 2010 to Offer Search Engine Optimization, Search Analytics, and Paid Search Training

    Christian.[email protected] Christian Founded by Andrew Goodman in 2000, Toronto-based Page Zero Media combines thought leadership and an extensive client track record in accountable online marketing.

  4. Google Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik to Be Featured in SES Webcast on January 12

    Christian.[email protected] Christian Georgeou, Incisive Media212-457-7844 As a thought leader, Kaushik puts a common sense framework around the often frenetic world of web research and analytics, and combines that with his philosophy that...

  5. Death of newspapers or new era of online journalism?

    I just received an email from an old friend about The Christian Science Monitor, which published its final daily print edition yesterday. Or, as John Yemma, the editor of The Christian Science Monitor, wrote yesterday, "As of today, we are shedding...

  6. The fourth estate is dead; long live the fourth estate

    The Christian Science Monitor is going "all digital. Thought given your role you would enjoy this creative prediction of what's to come. In her email, Linda wrote, "If you have a few moments, please take a look at this short video.