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Chris Kermoian

  1. Do your page descriptions seem funny at AltaVista? That'sbecause the search engine has changed how it creates its page summaries.

    What you find in many cases is that a search result may be very relevant to a query but that query may not be in the title or description of the page," said Chris Kermoian, AltaVista's director of product marketing.

  2. AltaVista Launches Trusted Feed Program

    The metadata contained in a Trusted Feed is just one of many factors used to compute relevance, according to Chris Kermoian, director search services and web marketing services for AltaVista. With AltaVista Trusted Feed, we are giving businesses a...

  3. The Search Engine Update, July 2, 2001, Number 104

    We're not going to penalize in relevance the people who are adding through free Add URL," said Chris Kermoian, director of search and web marketing services for AltaVista. This is the first of the programs that we will be rolling out," Kermoian said.