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  1. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    Choosing a local search automation vendor can be a complicated and intimidating decision for companies with hundreds or thousands of brick-and-mortar locations. Performing well in local search depends on many different tactics, so finding a partner...

  2. 5 Changes You Need to Make for Google Shopping in the Next 2 Months

    You can pause a Campaign by selecting the down arrow next to your individual campaign and choosing 'Paused': Although Google's headquarters are in Silicon Valley, the company has consistently made major changes to its paid advertising program...

  3. Google's Eric Schmidt Tells iPhone Users How to Switch to Android

    Some we'd love to see are, "Eric Schmidt's Guide To Throwing Pots", "Eric Schmidt's Guide To Survival In The Wilderness", "Eric Schmidt's Guide To Choosing Spectacles To Drive The Ladies Wild", and most especially, "Eric Schmidt's Guide To Opting...

  4. What 'Quick Win' Metric Can You Identify & Measure For Your Prospects?

    Choosing a number that you can influence quickly – ideally, pretty much immediately – gives the prospect hope. An entire industry of wellness programs and lifestyle medicine have arisen to help us turn our bad habits into good ones.