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  1. Deal With the Big Rocks First

    If your site relies on primary navigation choices labeled Products or Solutions, then yours is a solution-oriented site. These methods may only generate lifts of tenths of a percent, but, to many websites, that’s still tens of thousands of dollars...

  2. 7 Reasons Your SEO Campaign Will Fail and What You Can Do About It

    For example, if rankings and traffic are good, but conversions are lacking, this could be due to poor keyword choices, a poorly designed website or some other factor that could change the entire complexion of the campaign if addressed.

  3. Top 10 Skills That Separate Real UX Designers from Wannabes

    For instance, most ecommerce sites that offer order shipping typically provide a simple shipping selection UI that presents the choices, and mentions the typical duration of each choice, such as: A more optimized solution avoids relying on the...

  4. Guide to Google Analytics Demographics Reports: Age, Gender & Interests

    It can also really help with content planning and even product buying choices. You would have no idea whether you were reaching the target market you thought you were or if specific products or platforms brought in people older or younger than you...

  5. Videos Dominate Universal Search Results 65% of the Time [Study]

    Since its inception in 2007, universal search results have have morphed to show a multitude of choices for searchers to choose from, like videos, images, maps, shopping results, and news. In its latest research, Searchmetrics studied the universal...

  6. Google Faces New Mobile Search Monopoly Antitrust Lawsuit

    Since Android's introduction, greater competition in smartphones has given consumers more choices at lower prices. Google is facing an antitrust lawsuit over its alleged monopoly of the mobile search market.

  7. Secure Search, Rank & Finding Lost Keyword Traffic: A Conversation with gShift

    More data means more choices and more ways to interpret success. Marketing is more complex today than ever. Much of this is due to the progress we've made in technology. That's why today, marketers need trusted data more than ever.

  8. Task Analysis: The Key UX Design Step Everyone Skips

    In reality, users perform much better if they have fewer choices about product or functionality. A common mistake most sites make is to add more functionality or choices. First, a definition: Task analysis is a step-by-step analysis of the users...

  9. We Love Google, We Love Google Not: 6 SEO-Inspired Valentine's Day Quotes

    Consider everything when you're reviewing your links and prepare to make some hard choices. It's Valentine's week. Love the Hallmark Holiday or hate it, at the very least it's one of the top five times of year to stock up on chocolate candy.