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  1. Is Google News the Tail Wagging the News Search Dog?

    According to Glaser, "Google News has had so much more media attention than Yahoo News and MSN and AOL News because it is attached to the 900-pound monster of search and all things Internet, Google. But, Yahoo News and AOL News have larger unique...

  2. The Search Engine Report - Number 108

    Microsoft Said Leading The Race For Part Of AOL - Many Suitors, and Pitfalls, as AOL Seeks a Partner from the New York Times says Microsoft is now the "front runner" in a potential sale of a stake in AOL.

  3. Yahoo Details Desktop Search Plans; Ask Jeeves & MSN Launch This Month

    Ask Jeeves, Microsoft's MSN and AOL have all confirmed to date that they will launch desktop search applications, leaving Yahoo as the only major service remaining only in "rumor" status. Any AOL member can access this by signing into AOL, then...