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  1. Getting Ready for Global Business: The Benefits of the Foreign Language Internet

    Chinese has grown by 1478.7 percent Foreign language Internet marketing delivers better ROI and faster results, and the case studies of companies that have succeeded prove the point. The Case Studies As this column goes live, I’ll be in (hopefully...

  2. Effective Search Marketing Strategy Determines Fate of Organizations

    I asserted, backed by extensive keyword research, my strong belief that Porters didn't go out of business due to cheap Chinese imports or the housing bust as the owners advocated. Little did I know that this exercise would yield one of the best...

  3. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Overwhelming number of Chinese attempting to learn English don't have enough English friends trying to learn Chinese. Despite naysayers, studies have shown that Wikipedia is as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica.

  4. Damage limitation

    Peijun Shi and his colleagues detail the Chinese approach to natural catastrophe insurance and show that, while the insurance market is still limited, it has great potential. The chapter from Lightfoot, Ogaard and Nash considers the Chinese...

  5. Stripping out forex

    While the Australian dollar recovered temporarily in 2000, it fell to a low in April 2001 following repeated Reserve Bank of Australia rate cuts, before rising as a result of the growing commodity boom and Chinese influence on the economy.

  6. What's the Buzz Behind Behavioral Advertising? teams up with Google to upgrade on-line search for Chinese hotels. Studies have shown that conversions are higher when people are targeted through behavior rather than content because behavior can determine a person's actions.

  7. What's New In Information Research

    Chinese Domain Names Officially Released. Chinese Learn True Scope of SARS From the Internet. I can spend hours trolling through university information studies web sites, looking at course notes, syllabi and so on.