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Chinese Internet Search Censoring

  1. China Blocks Google Ahead of Tiananmen Square 25th Anniversary

    What is China Censoring Now? In an effort to keep details hidden from Chinese citizens, government officials have chosen instead to block access to specific sites or search terms. In addition to censorship of material on Google, the Chinese...

  2. Bing Denies Censoring Search Results, Blames 'Glitch'

    Microsoft has been forced to deny that its Bing search engine is censoring some results for users across the world. For example, for the search term "达赖喇嘛" (Dalai Lama), GreatFire found that results displayed on Bing's Chinese and international...

  3. Google's New Approach to China: A Closer Look at the Attack Heard 'Round the Web

    As a result, Google plans to stop censoring search results, potentially ceasing to operate in China altogether. The attack was aimed at gaining access to the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

  4. Tibet's Revenge

    There's quite a bit of controversy over things like censoring search results, whether it's in China or the Catholic Google opt-in model. Everyone who has ever done business in China knows that the Chinese government has its way, and (for the time...

  5. Daily SearchCast, June 7, 2006: Google Rethinking Chinese Censorship? Rock, Paper, Scissors, US Senator, Google Guy; What People Search For At The CIA Web Site & More!

    Google might reverse its policy of censoring on behalf of the Chinese government. Today's search podcast covers Google reconsidering Chinese censorship; who's more powerful, a US senator or a Google Guy?

  6. How Google Censors Itself For China & Paid Exclusion As Being Evil

    China will give the search engines some advice on censoring and guidelines, but it remains up to the search engines to do the actual dirty work. Declan McCullagh posts an update to his great earlier story looking at how Google is censoring...