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  1. SearchDay | Putting the 'Search' in Research

    Kai-Fu Lee has resigned as Google Vice President and President of Google Greater China to work with Chinese start-ups at a new company he founded, Innovation Works. Google China Head Departs Posted by Kevin Newcomb Sep 8, 2009 Dr.

  2. New York Times Magazine's Deep Look At Google, Censorship & China

    We've had Google China head Kai-Fu Lee say how important insisting on and following principles should be. The story covers suggested accusations that Baidu got China to block Google in 2002 (which Baidu denies) and how the Chinese government...

  3. Google Chinese Censorship Protested At Stanford, Berkeley

    Kai-Fu Lee, talking at the campuses on a recruiting drive. It would be just another company (US, Danish, Argentinean, whatever) agreeing to Chinese demands and a non-issue except that Google itself very publicly set this entire "Do No Evil" thing...