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  1. Taiwan compels life insurers to offer longer-dated products

    As a consequence, the premium revenues made by life insurers in October have recorded a big decline, according to Winnie Huang, Taipei-based chief risk officer at China Life Insurance. This represents a 126% increase on sales in the same period of...

  2. Citadel ‘nervous’ about lack of Sef competition

    We are already a year into the Sef regime and we are pretty disappointed by the inability of some interesting Sefs to attract liquidity to their platforms," said Richard Mazzella, chief operating officer for global fixed income at Citadel, during...

  3. Industry picks holes in BCR proposals

    The North American Chief Risk Officer Forum, a trade association, gave an even more alarmist response, stating that the IAIS approach “introduces pro-cyclical balance sheet volatility that is problematic for regulating the solvency of insurers”.

  4. gShift Gives Marketers Additional Ways to Track Content Performance

    Content marketers who are taking the torch in becoming more SEO-friendly and social-friendly when they’re writing their content want to understand specific performance on one blog or a campaign of blogs for a certain period of time," says Chris...

  5. Marin Software Stakes Claim as First Google API Partner to Support RLSA

    Support of Google AdWords RLSA adds another arrow to our customers’ quiver of audience targeting options," says Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin Software. Leveraging audience data to optimize creative and bidding strategies is the...

  6. Marin Software Helps Customers Lock Down Their Preferred Position in Paid Search Results

    We’re basically peeling out the position parameter from the referring URL, and with every click that comes in, we’re monitoring that,” said Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin. With “PositionLock,” Marin captures position data at a...

  7. Converged Media in Marketing Starts With Breaking Down Silos

    Product Manager - Webmaster Outreach at Bing, Adam Singer, Product Manager for Google Analytics, and Daina Middleton, Global Chief Executive Officer at Performics and was moderated by Mike Grehan, SES Conference PPC" is lacking, to say the least.