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Chicken Little

  1. Writing Search Ads in Context

    For example, if you’re bidding on the keyword “chicken coop,” you need to decide if you’re catering to a continuum from extremely DIY (“just give me the plans and I’ll build it myself”) to extremely DIFM (Do It For Me: “build it, ship it, and set...

  2. Malta continues to grow market share in Ucits hedge funds

    It is a question of a chicken and egg situation,” explains Saliba. In this case the first step is the custodian which is the chicken. Then people said Ireland had little chance of challenging Luxembourg, remembers Butler, but Ireland went after the...

  3. Fishing for SEO

    After every plate of General Tso's chicken I finish, I'm surprised how often this little confectionary afterthought relates back to SEO agency life. Client SEO training requests make a little more sense and also aren't always the wrong way to go.

  4. Social Community: Free Pancakes Anyone?

    Some of the more high-profile giveaways included a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A, a tall cup of coffee from Starbucks, a free scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry's, and a star-shaped doughnut with "patriotic sprinkles" (, white and blue...

  5. Ready to Finally Try SEO?

    But any seasoned SEO (either technical or marketing in nature) won't work for chicken feed. The gut reaction is to put as little money as possible in the budget for this person. It could come back to bite you -- forget the neck, look a little...

  6. SEO Educational Standards: the Aftermath

    Since SEO practitioners shall never sit in the sanctum sanctorum of Google's hallowed halls, our organizing and writing may as well be chicken scratch, waxing ecstatic about what we can sense, what we can feel, but always just slightly out of reach.