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Chicken Egg

  1. Writing Search Ads in Context

    For example, if you’re bidding on the keyword “chicken coop,” you need to decide if you’re catering to a continuum from extremely DIY (“just give me the plans and I’ll build it myself”) to extremely DIFM (Do It For Me: “build it, ship it, and set...

  2. Malta continues to grow market share in Ucits hedge funds

    It is a question of a chicken and egg situation,” explains Saliba. In this case the first step is the custodian which is the chicken. Joining up gave Malta’s financial services industry a stamp of approval.

  3. Bing's Conversion Rates are Awesome; Volume, adCenter, and Agency Relations Not So Much

    It's your classic catch-22, chicken and egg situation. Today I had the great privilege of meeting with Bing Director Stefan Weitz and local search marketers here in Raleigh, NC. There was a consensus that Bing had a better conversion rate - by far.

  4. Microsoft Prepares Push into Chinese Search Market

    When it comes to search, Microsoft is ever the egg while Google remains the chicken. Just a week after news of Google amping up its efforts in the world's largest nation, Microsoft is revealing its plans to make headway into China.