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  1. Search Engine Marketing Checklist for Hotel Marketers

    Here is a checklist for hotel marketers looking to maximize hotel bookings in multiple Asian markets (including China) from search marketing. I will expand on this in a later column, but in short, a good checklist is as follows:

  2. Mythbusting: 4 Content Marketing Misconceptions & How to Overcome Them

    Having a standard checklist of ways to promote your content is a good start but also think about other ways to give your content an extra boost. 2013 was the year of content marketing – the concept went from new, shiny object and buzzword to...

  3. The Smart Way to Optimize Your Amazon Sales Strategy

    If you’re new to Amazon and looking to set up a product listing page, Amazon offers a handy resource guide, complete with a handy checklist. But with intense competition and multiple sellers, it takes some creativity to stand out and grow sales.

  4. The Ultimate List to Clean Up Your PPC Accounts for the New Year

    This checklist helps you make sure EVERYTHING in your paid search accounts are purposeful and correct with no errors or lingering strategies that should have been retired. Many strategies have come and gone within your PPC campaigns this year.

  5. 9 Things You Must Update When Moving Your Business Location

    You can learn more about managing your local data and download a great checklist at Is your lease up and you're looking for something larger, more affordable, or with a better location? Moving your business from one place to another is...

  6. A New Direction for SEO in 2014: The Secure Search Manifesto

    You can download the Secure Search Manifesto and checklist from BrightEdge here. With more than 500 algorithm changes a year, keeping pace with innovation was a source of confusion and frustration for some people, yet provided great clarity for...