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Chat Instant Messaging

  1. Meebo to Offer Social Ads to Partner Sites

    In the second quarter of 2009, instant messaging client Meebo will begin offering its social ad platform to partner sites. Meebo Builds Ad Network Around Chat So far, over 40 online publishers will participate including:

  2. Get More Attention with Legal PPC Ad Symbols

    It's instant messaging, chat rooms, bookmark/link sharing, and microblogging. I know I promised to write this week about some new techniques for getting great results from PPC Content Networks. But I can't resist this small tangent, because it's...

  3. A Challenge to our Attention-Challenged Generation

    Before I finish the text messaging session with my friend, the phone rings. It's some friend of mine who wants to chat in real time. As I deal with that, my instant messenger client pops up a window telling me I have someone trying to contact me...

  4. Daily SearchCast, Aug. 24, 2005: Google Talk Instant Messaging Service, Google As The New Microsoft, Yahoo's Video Search Plans And More

    Today's search podcast covers the new Google Talk instant messaging and voice chat client, a New York Times-look at whether Google is Microsoft like in growing domination, Voice Calls on the new Google instant messaging and voice calling applications.

  5. Daily SearchCast, Aug. 23, 2005: Google Sidebar Puts Photos, Feeds & More On Your Desktop, Google IM Coming?, Search Popularity Stats And More

    Google Rumored To Launch Instant Messaging Tomorrow on rumors that Google will release an instant messaging and voice chat service tomorrow. Google instant messaging client, new stats on the most popular search engines and traffic they send and...

  6. Yahoo More Than Search, Says CEO & New Yahoo Music Service Coming Wednesday

    Yahoo also has spent considerable time building links to its other products, such as the company's popular instant messaging application, with the aim of making community and legal music-sharing among subscribers a core part of the service.Sources...