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  1. 2 Essential Pivot Table Skills for Marketers: Summarizing Data and Calculated Fields

    GETPIVOTDATA keeps tabs on your data, so you can build charts and other formulas as your data moves around (as long as your data is visible). You'll first need to add a new column in your data sheet, named "AvgPos x Impressions" above, the column...

  2. Search Tools for Air Travelers

    Scroll down the menu and use the comparison charts to compare the types of seats offered by various airlines throughout the world. The first is a Salon column called Ask The Pilot. Written by furloughed pilot Patrick Smith, it's a wide-ranging...

  3. Search Engine Marketing Articles

    I generally don't need bar charts and projections to tell me about growth. Despite the headline, this article's charts show search spending continuing to rise -- as I would well expect it to. Some more bar charts for those who want numbers on the...

  4. Search Engine Results Chart: Feb. 2003

    Offers three graphical charts in PDF format showing editorial relationships, indexing fees and paid listings partnerships. Other Relationship Charts Also see the Country-Specific Search Engines page for some country-specific relationship charts.