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Chapter 7

  1. Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO [eBook Review]

    The response that resonated with me the most in that regard, however, was Michelle Robbins', in Chapter 7, Foreseeing the Future, where she said: Using a range of themes, (from mentoring, to tools, to future developments) Campbell introduces each...

  2. What Role Should the Government Play in Our (Searching) Lives?

    The first six are military recruiting related (noteworthy for the military's efforts in adopting an online paid strategy), but the seventh most popular paid search phrase driving traffic is "Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

  3. Are Your Eyes Open to the Changed Advertising Ecosystem?

    Chapter 1 – Eye of the Storm: Madison Avenue in Crisis Chapter 2 – Eyestrain: Digital Marketing Isn't Easy (And It Isn't Going to Get Easier Chapter 3 – Eyes Wide Shut: The Media Plan is Obsolete Chapter 4 – Lyin'Eyes: The Search Engine and Digital...

  4. Publisher Groups To Test New Search Engine Rights Management System (Updated)

    Search engine users should be able to buy individual chapters for private use, at $5 and $3 per chapter respectively. Content Access Protocol" that they feel will head off conflicts with search engines.