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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

  1. Deadline looms for Isda group on resolution protocol

    Working group still grappling with capital, timing, bankruptcy issues The consequences of legislating for US bankruptcy protection are numerous, but one obvious outcome is that under an ordinary bankruptcy, the length of a termination rights stay...

  2. Rays of hope

    Following Lehman Brothers’ filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on September 15 last year, stock markets worldwide collapsed and the true extent of the crisis hit home with Australian investors.

  3. Americas report

    Drop it most certainly did, in the form of Lehman Brothers filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection just two months later, wreaking havoc on financial markets worldwide. When Structured Products last produced a report devoted to the Americas in...

  4. Tamalpais Global Partners Master Fund: Tamalpais Asset Management

    In December 2006 Redback was sold to Ericsson for $2.1 billion, 10 times what it had been worth when it came out of bankruptcy. Giordano became chairman of the board and director of Redback and was instrumental in bringing the company out of...

  5. The fourth estate is dead; long live the fourth estate

    The Chicago Tribune and LA Times have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Linda is now the Vice President of Communications and Strategic Outreach at Southwest Airlines, but she is a former a reporter for the Dallas Times Herald newspaper.

  6. Auction sets settlement values for LyondellBasell companies

    LyondellBasell's three US subsidiaries opted to restructure their debt obligations under protection of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which triggered credit events, on January 6. The auction set a recovery rate of 20.75% on loan credit default swaps (LCDS...

  7. BarCap fills executive committee post-Lehman

    Barclays paid just $250 million for Lehman's US investment banking franchise - including derivatives operations, fixed income and equity sales, trading and research - on September 17, two days after the fallen Wall Street firm filed for Chapter 11...

  8. The Week in Review

    Excite@Home Pulls The Plug,2198,3531_894301,00.html Redwood City, Calif.based company says it will file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection and agrees to sell broadband unit to AT&T for $307 million.