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  1. Proper SEO and the Robots.txt File

    The above syntax would tell all robots not to index the /cgi-bin/, the /tmp/, and the /junk/ directories on your website. User-agent:* Disallow: /cgi-bin/Disallow: /tmp/Disallow: /junk/ Most likely, there are directories that you'd want to disallow...

  2. 2011 Super Bowl Predictions: 'Volkswagen Commercial: The Force' Beats 'Audi - Goodnight Commercial'

    In the 30-second spot for The 21st Century Beetle, cutting-edge CGI creative goes entomological, creating a photo-real lush kingdom where the Black Beetle rules, runs, navigates and out performs all the other creatures.

  3. NBC's Olympic Fool's Gold; Google Comes Home Empty-Handed

    Not to mention the whole CGI opening ceremony debacle. The opening ceremony was the biggest television event since the Super Bowl reaching 34.2 million American viewers, according to Nielsen Ratings. Michael Phelps' historic swimming captured the...

  4. Giving Links Away

    Disallow: /cgi-bin/ Disallow: /yuck/ Disallow: /bad/stuff/ User-agent: * Disallow: /bad-page.html Disallow: /terrible/yucky.html Disallow: /really/no/good/page.html Disallow: /cgi-bin/ Disallow: /yuck/ Disallow: /bad/stuff/

  5. EFF Asks FTC To Limit How Long AOL Can Store Search Records

    EFF proxies search requests to Google with a special CGI script on our server, thus hiding your IP address and your Google cookie (if any) from Google's servers. Federal Trade Commission to investigate

  6. Miller's Animal Auditions

    Not sure if it's the lingering effects of lunch or the lazy ramblings of these CGI-cloaked working actors, but watching Miller's animal audition videos has driven my mind into a lull.via screenhead and ad-rag)