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  1. Social Customer Service Secrets to Avoid Negative Search Results

    Scott uses the example of Costa Rica Expeditions, a Central American ecotourism company. The new rules of selling and customer service are here, they’re social, they’re mobile, they’re visual…and most businesses are not ready.

  2. Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing

    Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and most other South and Central American countries speak the form known as Latin American Spanish. Cultural differences in the use of technology abound in Latin American countries.

  3. Writing Content for Users vs. Search Engines: Is There Still a Difference?

    Of course, more specific terms like "Jacksonville Jaguars" or "Central American jaguar" could eliminate some confusion, but "jaguar" was still the key term. There was a time when web copy written primarily for users or for search engines was quite...

  4. How to Launch an English Only Global Search Marketing Campaign

    International English is quickly being standardized as a mix of American and British English; however it isn’t adopted en masse. The majority of English speakers are actually not American, so “colour” is “color”, “labour” is “labor” and so on.

  5. Swedish Bombing Information: Email Warning, Twitter Response

    In October 2009, an American woman, Colleen R. The Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt tweeted "Most worrying attempt at terrorist attack in crowded part of central Stockholm. One person died and two were injured when two bombs exploded in...

  6. Did Senator Wyden Save The Internet?

    Each year, online piracy and the sale of counterfeit goods cost American businesses billions of dollars and result in hundreds of thousands of lost jobs," said Leahy, the Tech, the MIT newspaper reported.

  7. Google Maps Excuse For Central American Invasion

    Costa Rica contacted the Organization of American States to urge Nicaragua to withdraw security forces from a border zone to ease tensions over a two-century-old territorial dispute. Nicaragua crossed in to Costa Rican territory claiming it as part...

  8. Launch Google Freedom Now

    The American Dream: start with nothing, make billions, get too big, and get dismantled. Grand Central. Ninety percent search share in Western Europe and 75 percent share in these United States. Google docs.

  9. Free Google Live Chat - First Time in History

    Maybe Google will let the American Webmaster Help Guides answer a few questions too. For the first time ever Google will host a worldwide live chat, where everyone will have a chance to hear and see Google Webmaster Central answer your questions.