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Cause Permanent Redirect

  1. 10 Steps to a Successful SEO Migration Strategy

    Redirect Strategy Coding the content map into the servers redirect mechanism, whether it’s Apache or IIs, is a critical part of your strategy. Therefore, it’s important to set up 301 permanent redirects from old pages to new ones in order to help...

  2. Hosting Issues and SEO

    This keeps any rankings the page may have until you decide where you might want to permanently redirect this page. Using a 301 redirect will help you pass along any value/rankings that the legacy URL had.

  3. It Pays to Link Consistently

    For example, the local NBC affiliate in Dallas, Texas uses an Apache (Unix) Web server and has set up a 301 permanent redirect from their home page ( to

  4. Conducting a Redirect Audit on Your Web Site

    Oftentimes, you'll discover redirects occurring on your Web site that need to be fixed (for example, places where you could change a 302 temporary redirect to a 301 permanent redirect). The 302 redirects can cause search engine ranking issues...