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Catch Phrases

  1. Marketing Automation & Search – 3 Strategies for Mutual Success

    For example, ROI can be attributed to keyword data and used to identify phrases from leads that are closer, or farther away from the decision process. When we get our hands on this data, we were able to identify that business closed, the timelines...

  2. Make the Most of Your Social Media Interactions: 9 Tips

    You can also setup a series of key phrases and receive a notification each time those keywords are used. Catch Up With Old Friends re interested in learning more about on social networks. You could order pizza and sit on your couch watching...

  3. Writing Sales Copy For Conversions, Part 2

    Highlight important information-carrying words (don't highlight whole sentences; stick to two- or three-word phrases). You may catch yourself lapsing into marketese at unexpected moments. Today, I'll focus on the other key elements: tone and style.

  4. Content Ad Campaign Keyword Strategy Revisited

    Let's start with this assumption: if a keyword-targeted ad group's keywords should describe the pages/sites where an ad should appear, then possibly the best keyword list is composed of words/phrases that appear most frequently on the target sites...