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Catalan Language

  1. Localizing Websites: Why it Pays to Target Countries and Not Languages

    Not to mention that in Spain you can choose between four recognized regional languages (Aranese, Basque, Catalan/Valencian, and Galician) depending on which region of the country you're focusing on. So if we take it for granted that exporting is a...

  2. Google Translate Adds 11 Languages

    Catalan The total number of languages is now 34 and the total number of language pair combinations nearly doubled from 506 to 1122. Google has added 11 languages to its Translate product. They are: Filipino

  3. Google's Gaggle of New Goodies

    Google has added seven new Google Toolbar interface languages including traditional and simplified Chinese, Catalan, Polish, Swedish, Russian and Romanian. Call Google's automated voice response system (650.318.0165), and after being prompted to...