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Case Trademarked Terms

  1. Google’s Rosetta Stone AdWords Woes Continue as Case Reopened

    Five consumers gave testimony that they had been directed to counterfeit software after searching for Rosetta Stone products as a result of Google’s AdWords practice of allowing competitors to bid on and win placement for terms trademarked by others.

  2. Court: Bidding on Competitor's Name OK in AdWords, adCenter

    Since the company Network Automation bought ads on both Bing and Google on the keyword, ActiveBatch, but made no mention of the trademarked name on the destination URL page, ad copy, or titles, they ended up winning the case.

  3. SearchDay | Trademark: The Next Generation

    Trademark: The Next Generation SEW EXPERTS: SEARCHING FOR MEANING Last week's Second Circuit Court ruling in the case of Rescuecom Corp.v. However, the general thought with loss leaders is that a user is just starting their research with these...

  4. Trademark Law - What Search Marketers Should Know, Part 1

    Legal representatives for the search engines say they follow this practice as a matter of "best policy," rather than binding case law. The way we will see a resolution is that a case could get to the Supreme Court, which would take years," says...

  5. Search and the Law: Attorney Deborah Wilcox

    On the other side of the coin, some advertisers are disgruntled that most of the major search engines no longer allow the use of trademarked terms in keyword ad copy, even for fair use purposes. Is there the potential for a search industry case to...