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  1. SearchDay: GenieKnows Its Verticals

    Live Search Cashback vs. Google: A Case Study» BRAND EQUITY: Increasing brand value, customer trust, and profitsIt's an interesting marketing concept, but how do the Live Search results measure up to Google, the de-facto search engine standard?

  2. Live Search Cashback vs. Google: A Case Study

    Microsoft recently began giving searchers money back for completing a transaction via a search query in the Live Search Cashback program. Tip: Live Search Cashback doesn't work well with Firefox. Tip: You need to go to the Live Search Cashback URL.

  3. SearchDay: It Pays to Link Consistently

    Microsoft Live Search Cashback: How Will You Spend Your $600 Rebate? Testing Landing Pages Includes Testing Best PracticesPosted by Nathania JohnsonThe Google Website Optimizer blog has an interesting case study about a landing page test for a...