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  1. 10 SEO Truths of 2012 for Agencies & In-House Teams

    SEO data and SEO software should be considered a cost of doing business or executing a campaign just as email marketing campaigns require an email marketing platform. Content may be in the form of blogs, press releases, case studies, and...

  2. Leveraging Twitter & Facebook Ads at #SESChi

    He manages both Facebook and Twitter campaigns for clients and has been featured in a successful social ads case study by Twitter itself. AimClear’s Online Marketing Account Manager Morud lives and breathes Facebook marketing; she’s managed ad...

  3. Why Facebook Ad Haters Are Wrong – Here’s How Marketers Can Do Better

    The experience of one social media marketing consultant, who managed Facebook ad campaigns for a number of small businesses. We have no more insight here at Search Engine Watch than the general public as far as why General Motors’ ad campaigns failed.

  4. Getting Ready for Global Business: The Benefits of the Foreign Language Internet

    The key point for search engine marketers is that, despite the massive growths in foreign languages online, there is still relatively far less content in languages other than English – and that means dramatically less competition for Internet...