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  1. 10 SEO Truths of 2012 for Agencies & In-House Teams

    SEO data and SEO software should be considered a cost of doing business or executing a campaign just as email marketing campaigns require an email marketing platform. Content may be in the form of blogs, press releases, case studies, and...

  2. Leveraging Twitter & Facebook Ads at #SESChi

    He manages both Facebook and Twitter campaigns for clients and has been featured in a successful social ads case study by Twitter itself. AimClear’s Online Marketing Account Manager Morud lives and breathes Facebook marketing; she’s managed ad...

  3. Why Facebook Ad Haters Are Wrong – Here’s How Marketers Can Do Better

    The experience of one social media marketing consultant, who managed Facebook ad campaigns for a number of small businesses. We have no more insight here at Search Engine Watch than the general public as far as why General Motors’ ad campaigns failed.