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Case Geico

  1. Marketing Pitches: Don't Strike Out With Your Audience

    Notice how much better GEICO and Progressive Insurance are at this. It must work sometimes, but in my case, it just falls flat. In Progressive's case, they even admit that they aren't always the cheapest, but they make it incredibly easy to check.

  2. EFF Backs Google Trademark Advertising Methods

    Similar to the case dismissed against Geico, Rescuecom continued its legal battle and went to a Federal appelate court which should reach an opinion very soon. The EFF makes the case that Google's policy of allowing people to purchase trademarked...

  3. Meet The B2B Search Engines

    Geico versus Google.iMedia Connection Sep 28 2005 2:42PM GMT In case of a bad link, use the publication's search facility, which most have, and search for the headline. The session featured representatives from five B2B search engines, who spoke...

  4. Google & GEICO Settle Dispute

    Geico, Google settle lawsuit from Reuters notes that Google and Geico have settled their dispute over ads linked to terms that are also GEICO's trademarks. District Court Judge Issues Written Decision in Geico v.