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  1. Microsoft Snipes (Only) at Google Over Browser Settings Circumvention Controversy

    Oddly, though, Microsoft’s “discovery” comes two days after TAP blog published Internet Explorer privacy protections also being circumvented by Google, Facebook, and many more, by Carnegie Mellon University Associate Professor Lorrie Faith Cranor.

  2. Is Social Conversation The Future Of Polls And Surveys ? [Study]

    Carnegie Mellon University researchers demonstrated how Tweets ("Twitter data" as they call them) replicate opinion estimation for two major U.S.indicators, with some correlations "as high as 80%", suggesting that readily available texts from...

  3. Yahoo! Open Search Platform Recap with Andrew Tomkins

    Andrew received bachelor's degrees in mathematics and computer science from MIT, and a CS from Carnegie Mellon University. At last month's SES New York, Kevin Newcomb covered the Thursday morning keynote by Andrew Tomkins in an article...

  4. Google Announces Plan to Open Pittsburgh Engineering Office; Yahoo Opens NYC Research Center

    Don't forget that Pittsburgh is also home to Vivisimo/Clusty which was started by Carnegie Mellon computer science students and faculty members including Vivisimo CEO, Raul Valdes-Perez.and Jerome Pesenti, Chief Scientist & Co-founder.

  5. Universities, Search and IR Research

    Personalized search research at Carnegie Mellon University KnowItAll Project, University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering Stefanie Olsen does a great job offering a look at several search and info retrieveal research projects underway...

  6. Sight-Impaired Users Have Problems with Registration Process at Google

    Developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, they're used to separate the humans from bots in Web site registrations, preventing large-scale automated registrations that can then be used to send spam.

  7. PageRank, Wrappers, Ranking News and More: Papers from the WWW 2005 Conference

    Olston, (Carnegie Mellon University) Yu, (University of Illinois at Chicago) Anagnostopoulos, (Brown University) Romani, (University of Pisa) Cunningham, (University of Sheffield) Raghavan, (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)

  8. Google's Usenet Timeline and Early Search Engine Announcements

    Carnegie Mellon University Center for Machine Translation Announces Lycos (8/14/94) Slashdot has a thread about a "new" timeline from Google that highlights interesting and historic posts from their 20 year Usenet (aka Google Groups) archive.