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Carbon Footprint

  1. Energy strategy remains promising for hedge funds despite its volatility

    It is approximately half the carbon footprint of coal. Fund managers see value in energy strategy Energy has always been a risky asset class. Despite being volatile and unpredictable nature, it remains a favourite strategy for many hedge funds.

  2. Doing A Google Search Impacts The Environment!

    No doubt, the information by Harvard physicist Alex Wissner-Gross has heated things up at Google, for a number of reasons and their response may have been motivated more than by the carbon footprint they are leaving, but the suggested access to...

  3. Search Engine Promises to Reduce Carbon Footprint

    If you want to “go green” while conducting your searches, then a new search engine is right up your alley. Echocho promises to grow up to 2 trees for every 1000 searches. The search engine allows users to choose whether they wish to conduct...

  4. Gazprom Marketing & Trading makes smart metering investment

    Gazprom claims that this enables better management of users’ energy consumption and carbon footprint. The investment comes at a time when the utility space is scrambling to improve energy efficiency and is making large investments in new energy...