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  1. Google Driverless Cars ‘Shockingly’ Safe & Efficient [Infographic]

    Driver error, intoxication, and other human factors contribute to about 93 percent of all car crashes. What happens to car insurance prices if a driver is no longer part of the equation? Back in October, Sergey Brin spoke backstage at Web 2.0 with...

  2. YouTube Does More Than Round Up the Usual Suspects With New Channels

    Car and Driver Television: Driven to Extremes. Engaging content brought to you by three iconic brands -- Car and Driver, Road s network featuring and inspired by Michelle Phan. Last Friday, Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s Global Head of Content...

  3. Google & Recyclebank Set Earth Day Challenge to 'Green' Your Social Graph

    Leaf drivers have a component on their dashboard called Carwings, which tracks the driver's efficiency information (Fuel use, mileage, etc) and puts the owner in competition with other Leaf drivers in the region or neighborhood.