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  1. Google Shares 7 Tips With Free Web Hosting Sites to Avoid Penalties

    Using CAPTCHAs or other verification tools to only allow human submission and prevent the majority of automated scripts from creating sites on your hosting service. Google is constantly on the lookout for spammy websites that don’t add “sufficient...

  2. Bing Social Recommends Twitterers; Paid Search Roundup; Google Transparency Report & More Search News

    Startup Transforms Annoying Captchas Into Ad Opportunity - ClickZ Based on a search query, the feature is designed to also return "recommended" users on Twitter. Those users receive rankings, such as "Influential" or "Popular.

  3. Sight-Impaired Users Have Problems with Registration Process at Google

    by Susan Kuchinskas at, reports that some sight-impaired Internet users are having problems with the "captchas" that Google uses when registering for a Google account thats required to access Gmail and other services.

  4. Google, Yahoo, MSN Unite On Support For Nofollow Attribute For Links

    This means other types of systems of blocking spam will likely still have to be used, such as forcing people to input characters from graphics (captchas), registration and so on (The Solution To Blog Spamming at ThreadWatch has a nice rundown on...