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  1. RetailMeNot Crushed by Panda in Q2, But Partially Recovers

    The report quotes RBC Capital Markets Analyst Mark Mahaney, who said revenue came in slightly below the street because of the "well-publicized Google SEO algorithm (Panda) changes. In a January 2014 article for Search Engine Watch, Chuck Price...

  2. Skype Moves Near Facebook HQ To Consolidate Mobile, Consumer Electronics Segments

    Skype was purchased from eBay last year by a group of investors: private equity firm Silver Lake Partners, venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Skype founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis.

  3. Optimize Your Brand for Sharing and Social Search in 11 Steps

    The stature of one's social capital ultimately contributes to the hierarchy, placement, and findability of the content and social objects we share online. Analyze how key individuals in your markets are discovering, consuming, and sharing content...

  4. Microsoft's Net Income Increases by 2%

    Common stock and paid-in capital - shares authorized 24,000; outstanding 8,977 and 9,151 61,655 62,849 Though with the markets as volatile as they are, that could change at any minute.

  5. Baidu's Profit Increases 91% in Third Quarter 2008

    A portion of our capital expenditure for the quarter was related to the construction of Baidu's new campus facility. Net operating cash inflow and capital expenditures on a cash basis for the third quarter of 2008 were RMB482.2 million (US$71.0...

  6. Microhoo No More: What the Analysts are Saying

    RBC Capital Markets Internet analyst Ross Sandler dropped the price target on Yahoo to $27 from $32. Now that Microsoft finally withdrew their bid for Yahoo, it's a free-for-all for anyone claiming to be an analyst.