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  1. States Legalize Marijuana, But Google, Facebook, Twitter Just Say No to Pot Ads

    Cannabis dispensaries want to be able to advertise their products using the same online channels as every other business and website. Yet, cannabis dispensaries like the newly-opened ones in Colorado feel they are entitled to these online marketing...

  2. Google Grants Cannabis Group $240,000 in AdWords Money & Other Products

    This is according to last week's announcement from a medical cannabis nonprofit. According to its guidelines, there are certain restrictions on prescription drugs and even tobacco, but since Michigan Compassion is not a direct retailer for...

  3. Tracking Search Habits: The Mephedrone Ban

    While cannabis had its heyday in the mid-2000s when it was downgraded to class C, it has been struggling for search interest ever since. There's no denying that mephedrone is the drug of the moment in terms of searches, surpassing cannabis.