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  1. Miami Heat Minority Owner Sues Google Over Unflattering Photo

    Sidenote: how did a blogger whose legal address is in Florida secure a .ca (Canadian) Blogger domain? This blog presents publicly available information about RK Centers (former RK Associates),including court records, media publications and opinions.

  2. Google’s 13th Birthday: 12 Top Stories From the Past 12 Months

    Google faced several lows – luring Bing into public fights, revealing their Facebook envy, releasing baffling algorithmic improvements, facing public humiliation in the form of mainstream news stories calling out the quality of Google’s results...

  3. The Sun Never Sets on the Wide, Wide World of Online Video

    This means the average Canadian video viewer watched almost 247.7 videos that month. David Dvir, lead photographer for 2D Photography Toronto and his Canadian team put together what can only be described as the ultimate Rube Goldberg photo...

  4. Twitter Popularity Higher Than Ever in 2011, Check Out These Stats & Cool Uses

    A Canadian tech journalist using a program called “Prey” to track his laptop, turns to Twitter for local help on tracking the guy down. We would love to hear how you have heard of Twitter impacting people's lives, media, and marketing campaigns.

  5. Authenticity in Social Media: Don’t Get Mad, Get YouTube

    Finally, there’s the now classic YouTube protest video, “United Breaks Guitars,” was made in July 2009 by Canadian singer/songwriter Dave Carroll. A recurring theme of Amber Mac's keynote presentation at SES Toronto today was how companies need to...

  6. Meet Canadian Search and Social Media Experts at SES Toronto

    Well, if you attend SES Toronto June 13-14, 2011, then you’ll get a double-double opportunity to meet Canadian search engine and social media marketing experts. We know that our Canadian friends have many of the same social media and search...

  7. Top Level Trends of SEM Worldwide in 2010 and 2011

    The Canadian Interactive Advertising Bureau announced this last year, and the list grows. The overall jump in Internet penetration worldwide since 2000 is close to 445 percent, creating access to nearly 2 billion consumers; which one could only...